Monday, September 12, 2011

Two Windows

A Window With a View -

Imagine hovering motionless
Inches over intertidal sea life
Purple starfish, orange anemones, iridescent brown kelp
Suspended on a window of liquid glass
When you notice a bow wave coming off your kayak
And the occasional jellyfish streaming past
You are riding effortlessly on a river of tidal current
As you hover motionless over the shoal

It’s the kind of water where
You hold your paddle blade back to your side
Or over the deck
To prevent ripples caused by water droplets
Lest they disturb your view of the wonders below
The kind of morning that is so quiet
You know a seagull is passing over not from sight
But because you can hear his wings on the air

A Window of Opportunity -

Where you feel the sun’s warmth on your back
And you smell the steam gently rising
Over the tide-drenched rocks
It is time to live in the now
For if you wait, hoping to come back later
The magic will be gone
As onshore breezes begin to obscure the surface
And the windows will no longer be there

(***these thoughts were going through my head as I paddled around Sucia Island last week ~ My 3rd visit there this year! Anyway, I thought I’d come home and try a creative writing project and this is the result.)