Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 10th - Synchronized Spinning

We drove East of Walla Walla and through the town of Dayton, and a little farther East where a friend said we could drive almost right up to the wind farms. And wow was she ever right - we were right there, just a stone's throw from these big generators and when we turned the car engine off we could hear the "Whoosh....whoosh....whoosh...." of the propellers as they spun in the wind. What a marvelous sound. All that power, and so clean. (this photo isn't the closest we got to them, but I chose it for today's post because the blades are all nearly synchronized)
1/500th sec. f/11 iso 400


  1. Love this composition. The clouds make it perfect.

  2. That is cool - say, where's that polarizer?