Thursday, October 7, 2010

October 7th - Wasps

If I told you I wasn’t just a little bit nervous shooting this photo… well I’d be lying. But I’ve been wanting to get a photo of yellowjackets for several weeks now. Why? I don’t know… maybe just to ask, “what is it about a big white delivery truck that is so inviting to these guys?” I tell ya – I been driving around all over the place and every time I stop or roll the window down, here they come buzzing around the steering wheel, the turn signal, the windshield, the cardboard boxes in the back… Holy cow they are thick this year!

So anyway, like I said, I wanted to get a photo so I sat outside one day after work and waited and waited… (crickets). But no yellow jackets. One day I laid a piece of lunch meat out and waited and waited… (more crickets). But again, no yellow jackets. Today I sliced up an apple and put the core pieces out and yowser! Look at this mob! I was almost afraid to go out there and shoot them.
1/200th sec. f/7.1 iso 200


  1. WHOA!! Great shot and glad I'm looking at them via a photograph instead of face-to-wing/stinger! :)

  2. Excellent, love the crisp focus and up close detail.

  3. I admire your courage - and the photo- great detail.