Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Colored Asphalt

Well that project that I've been working on just got a whole lot closer to launch today. But it's still not quite there, so for now here's this shot. I noticed this on the parking lot as I walked up to my work truck today and had to get a shot of it. Can you tell what it is?

Click on the photo to see it full-size.


  1. The reflections off a blue-ish tinted window?? :) Now you have to tell us what it is! I'm curious.

    1. Yup Steph, you are closest out of all the guessers! The asphalt is in the shadow of my truck and that light is where the noonday sun is shining down through the windshield past the steering wheel and out the open driver's side door. And yes, it's through the tinted part of the windshield up at the top.

    2. Wooo!! What do I win Tim!? ;)