Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2nd - Sunshine

We're half way through the year. I had wanted to do a shot with a "1/2" theme today, but we were off-island and we got to mix it up with all the travelers coming to the island for the big weekend. It took us an hour and five minutes to drive the last 2 miles to the ferry dock. Yep - "D" avenue to the Anacortes ferry took 1:05. So we missed the 3:10, and had to leave the car and walk on the 5:05. Exhausted, we had dinner at Friday's Crabhouse and there we met Sunshine, this beautiful bird on his (her?) master's shoulder.
1/160th sec. f/6.3 iso 400

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  1. Nice shot Tim. Your existance does sound idylic - ferry off the island, dinner at a crabhouse. Do you a booking system or visitors? ;)