Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 17th - Spider on the Ceiling

Sure are a lot of spiders around this time of year. Especially outside. We have webs all over the place. I wanted to get one this morning with dew on it, but couldn't find a good enough one. Maybe in the coming weeks... Anyway, tonight I saw this guy on the ceiling so I thought I'd get a close up with my macro lens. At first I used the on-camera strobe, but his shadow was so vivid it was hard to tell where the spider left off and the shadow began, so I pulled out my 42" shoot-thru umbrella to soften the light a bit. Now you can't see his shadow at all... just kinda looks like he's floating there.
1/250th sec. f/9 iso 200


  1. Nicely done and beautiful focus.

    So, ah, how do you know it's a 'he'?