Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st - Moonrise

A friend of mine asked me to go shoot the moon for him today so off I went to see what I could do. I borrowed a camera with a 200mm lens because my 105mm doesn't quite pull it in (although as it turned out, I could have done this shot with mine). I was using a borrowed Canon which I'm unfamiliar with. When I got there I was surprised at how cold it was outside. So being very cold and unable to make the camera do a few things I wanted it to, I fired away for a few minutes before giving up and jumping in the car and cranking the heat. This photo is processed a bit in photoshop to bring out the color of the sky (but not too much) and also includes a 2nd shot of the moon at a better exposure showing more detail. The original moon in this one was a solid white area with all the features blown out.
Main photo - 1/60th sec. f/5.6 iso 400
Moon photo - 1/500th sec. f/8 iso 400 (This is what I needed the borrowed lens for)


  1. Your tinkering created a lovely shot with subtle colours and a breath-taking moon. I envy the lenses - but not yet enough to invest in a fancier camera.