Friday, December 25, 2009

December 25th - Lens Envy

Eric and Lance have recently posted videos showing how they achieve some cool results in-camera with some pretty simple materials. Not wanting to be outdone, I too have now made a video. However, I don't have the right lens for it so to compensate, I need to make a much more precise cutout in my paper, something which is difficult to achieve with ordinary run of the mill hobby tools.


  1. Nice "Martha Stewart" ~ "Dirty Jobs" hybrid! Video storytelling at it's finest.

    I was laughing from the get-go.

    Oh, and I NEED a pair of those safety glasses.

  2. I love the glasses too! And what a cool cut out machine.

    See you tomorrow.

  3. Tim, Way funny, very nicely done. Bottom line: I was glad to see you were able to achieve the effect.

  4. Love the video - I'm still chuckling.