Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Big Apple

Wow a week goes by quick when you're having fun, huh? Well we're on our way home now and looking back on a great time in New York City. So much to do, we didn't get to everything we would have liked to, but we did hit the main things on our lists.
My favorite thing about the whole trip was the mass transit. Public transit. The busses and the subway rocked! Never a long wait for a ride, they're dependable, get you where you want to go, easy to transfer to another connection and it just works. The subway was awesome. Reminded me of going all over Switzerland on the rail system. And all of this - 7 days of unlimited rides, for a $29.00 Metrocard! I love it. $29.00 and it's unlimited - the city is yours...
And one more thing - This was very nice. Contrary to the  popular belief I've always heard about, New Yorkers are NOT rude. In fact, they were anything but - Cheerful, helpful, talkative, ready to offer travel tips, advice, you name it - They were very, very cool. Maybe even more so than I've experienced in Seattle. Anyway, it was a great trip and we are taking great memories home with us.

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