Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Begun!

This is a very exciting day for me. Remember that project idea I said I had a couple weeks ago? Today's photo represents the first concrete step forward in making it a reality. This is Bryan at the Sandpebble - a fun gift shop in Friday Harbor. He graciously agreed to allow me in to shoot photos of him and his store. I apologize I can't say more about it yet - need to have a few more days like today before I can unveil it. So.... there will be more on this soon, but for now... Waaahoooo! It's rolling!

Click on the photo to see it full-size.


  1. I love it!! It is going to be awesome, honey you are genius!!

  2. I am intrigued...if it has anything to do with the other-worldly, spectacularly gorgeous enhanced photos you have been taking of the island I will not be surprised. If I were writing a science fiction book I would hire you to do the cover in a second (but I'm not!). Although your photos are not spooky at all, just intensely compelling.