Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 16th - Old School

This was the state of the art when I studied graphic design back in the late 80's. With these markers, you could make fat lines OR thin lines! Way cool.

And I'm killing two birds with one stone again: 1- Getting a daily photo, and 2- Making another comparison with this 50mm prime lens I rented. I wanted to see the difference in sharpness between this lens and my 28-105mm zoom. This image is of 2 photos, one shot with my zoom lens layered over the other in photoshop with some holes in it so the layer below (shot with the rental lens) can show through. I don't see a whole lot of difference...
1/125th sec. f/16 iso 200


  1. I'm thinking the f16 is masking what you're looking for. Try that experiment with the zoom set to it's largest aperture at 50mm - say f4 (does it go to 3.5?) and the 50 at the same aperture. I bet you'll see a difference then.