Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 29th - Speedo

OK, I thought that title might get your attention... Anyways. This post is not about the photo today. It's about those crazy lights in the sky to the north. Can anyone (locals) tell me what I saw way up north tonight from the ferry between 8:00 and 9:00? Looked like it must have been up Northwest of Waldron or maybe even the Gulf Islands. At first it looked like emergency flares from a boat (the kind with little parachutes) that drift slowly down, down, down... but they would have had to have been HUGE and way high altitude for that (given the apparent distance involved). Kinda orange-yellow in color, very bright... I remember seeing on a nautical chart years ago, some kind of military area up in Georgia Strait near Texada Island. I wonder if this was some kind of military exercise??? Anyway, if you can tell me what they were I'd sure appreciate it - my inquiring mind wants to know!

About the photo - This is our Toyota 4Runner. Shot this right when I got home. That's how many miles I drove today on the trip meter, and the odometer is how many miles the thing has driven all told....since the rollover. Yes, we rolled the odometer once already. This thing just keeps going. Gotta love Toyota.
1/5th sec. f/4.2 iso 400


  1. At what point to they roll over? Can't be one 999,999 miles, can it?!

    Didn't see the UFOs - would love to hear what they were.

  2. Hmmmm yeah now that you mention it, I don't think we've put a million miles on this thing yet. Maybe it was 99,999 with no leading zero? I'm guessing that must be. I KNOW it was all 9's and I watched it roll over myself as it happened on I-5 Southbound going thru Everett at about Pacific Avenue a few years ago...