Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 3rd - Model Railroad

I did a shot similar to this one a while back in May, but this one has a new twist - This time I'm going to giveitaway-giveitaway-giveitaway-now... That's right, I'm getting rid of these boxes that have been laying around waiting for someday. Whoever wants some H.O. scale model railroad stuff, get ahold of me. (I'm in the phone book, or you can find me at the website link at top right on this blog page). I have 3 boxes of stuff: track, switches, rolling stock, locomotives, power packs, scenery stuff, buildings... First come, first served. But - you take one box, you take it all; No cherry picking.
And by the way, it's all FREE to a good home in case that part wasn't clear...

Photo of model 5 sec. f/16 iso 400 shot under tungsten room lamp. Superimposed over outdoor shot of Eastern Washington, using photoshop.

1 comment:

  1. I wonder who will be the lucky owner. We have fond memories of the train in your house! Do you think Eric will bid on them?