Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Being somewhat health conscious, we occasionally like to look at the list of ingredient on the foods we eat. A couple of our rules of thumb are, "If there are more than 5 ingredient - be careful and maybe just avoid if possible"; "If there are ingredient that you can't identify or pronounce, put it back on the shelf"; and basically things like that. So, looking at this package this morning, we were surprised to see that it didn't have a list of "Ingredients" like most packages, but it actually said "INGREDIENT: 100% Whole Grain Rolled Oats". You can't get much simpler than that!


  1. Mmmmm!! I love the lighting and the presentation. It's making me hungry.

  2. Such a great rule! I never follow it though... Haha! This is a great photo. I need to work on my "backgrounds" or something. I tried to take a photo of something, but on my boring ugly counter top. Is this just your wood flooring?
    I posted on Tuesday's photo but it didn't post... I'm loving the iPhone photos. It's making me want an Iphone! :)

  3. Thanks! No, this is our dining room table. It's a "butcher block" style. Yeah I'm loving the iPhone too! This one was shot with my D200 though and new strobes.