Monday, January 9, 2012

Laser Disc

After an exhausting weekend, and the Monday grind at work, I was finding difficulty rather than inspiration for today's photo. I shot pictures of this and that, but nothing was jumping out at me, so I was straightening up my desk when I picked up a cd-rom and noticed the rainbow of colors that reflected off of it. Finally, something to work with! So I held it in front of my computer monitor with a white document filling the screen, and shot a bunch of variations of the "laser" rainbow colors, and this one is the winner.


  1. and shot with your iPhone to boot. I love the star effect with the rainbow colors.

  2. I was at such a loss last night. I remember at 9:30 that I hadn't taken a shot for the day. 9:30 is bed time for me, so I just shot the first thing I saw! :)
    This is really cool though. I wouldn't have known that your background was a monitor! Really a cool shot!