Friday, June 19, 2009

June 19th - Ferry at Night

This is the ferry that dropped my kids in beautiful downtown Friday Harbor tonight. It was a gorgeous evening.
2 sec. f/4 iso 400


  1. And a gorgeous picture. I love the reflection. The orange lights againsst that shade of blue is just perfect. A very inspiring effort Tim.

  2. What a gorgeous photo with all the lights twinkling. I really like this.

    Re: my tick photo. After a few too many gross posts (spiders, snakes), I'm trying to be nice to my readers. So I'll just post some nice pastoral country scenes for a few days. But I'm something gross will present itself - it always does out here in the country! :)

    Thx for coming by my photo blog and commenting, have a wonderful Saturday!

  3. Beautiful shot. I like it alot. The color, the reflections, the lighting & composure are all great. Nice job!