Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9th - Algebra

A means to an end. Don't they say you'll never use algebra in your life? You only learn it so that higher math will make sense? Or maybe so you can get into the Statistics class which is a pre-requisite for the nursing program you really want to take... Anyway, this has been Shannon's pastime for the last few months, but now she's finally on her last unit - one test away from being done with it for good!
1/8th sec. f/4 iso 400


  1. I hated Algebra......but I loved Statistics. :)

  2. Algebra helps you to develop a sense of self-discipline and a 'way to think and problem-solve' according to my math teacher friends! ;)

  3. M is right - algebra does improve problem solving an all areas but I still sympathy with Shannon. Good luck with the finish.