Monday, May 11, 2009

May 9th - Highlighters

Extreme Color

Our theme this last week was "Extreme Color" and these were the most colorful things I could find on short notice (12-hour work day for me today with only a couple hours in the middle for a break, dinner, 2 photos and my long, long commute from the first job to the 2nd job.) so here they are...
1/160th sec. f/9 iso 400


  1. Certainly colourful and nicely lit.

  2. Tim,
    How did you get your email on the post?

  3. Good choice - nothing beats highlighters for extreme colour.

  4. Thanks!

    Lance, in your blog Settings under the "Basic" tab there is an option for "Show Email Post Link" Yes or No. Make it say "Yes".