Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 10th - Write With Light

Write With Light

Still catching up here... posting May 10th's photo on the 12th. This is me in the backyard playing with strobes and a flashlight on a 30 second exposure, writing with light.
30 sec. f/5.6 iso 800


  1. way cool!!! Put a tutorial together for me on this one please.

  2. Naw - you did that writing with chalk, didn't you? JK, what sort of light did you write with that shows up so yellow?

  3. Eric - That's an LED flashlight.

    Lance - Here's a Tutorial: I set 2 strobes out camera right and left, set my camera on 30 second exposure (bulb with my remote would have been better but I was too lazy to run in the house for the remote). I hit the shutter release, ran out to the gravel area and posed and popped the strobes with my radio trigger (that's what's making the red light in my right hand). So POW that's got me exposed correctly, but now I have about 20 seconds left to turn on the flashlight and write "L-I-G-H-T" on the ground... did that holding the light just a few inches off the gravel pointing straight down, turning it off in between letters.

  4. Actually I just realized, on this one I didn't turn the flashlight off between letters - on this exposure I covered it with my hand between letters, and you can see several places where the light leaked out. Kinda looks like a flame in a couple areas...