Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 11th - LaFarge Barge Landing

Today at around 4:00 or so it looked like we were going to have an awesome sunset, so I packed up my camera, jumped on my bike and went down to Jackson's Beach to see if I could get some good pixels. As I waited for the spectacular show, I busied myself shooting this and shooting that, while the few scattered clouds fizzled out and disappeared. By the time the sun was setting the clouds were gone and the sunset wasn't nearly what I had hoped for, so I was a little discouraged. But when I got back home and looked through all the other shots, this one popped out at me so I'm posting it instead. This is the old LaFarge barge landing at Jackson's Beach. 1/250th sec. f/5.6 iso 200


  1. Hmmm, wasn't that Sarge Marge LaFarge that owned the large LaFarge Barge landing where the gravel was discharged?

    I remember that place back in the day. One of my classmates to a long exposure of it in the moonlight - first time I'd ever seen a photo shot in the dark that worked.

    I like the capture, though I'm a little distracted by the grasses in the foreground.

  2. Jan said:

    I think it was 'take charge' Sarge Marge LaFarge, after her discharge, that was by and large in charge of collecting the surcharge and did it free of charge.

  3. Love the photo - like a painting. The reflextions of the clouds on the water - the golden glow of the hill and barge landing - lovely composition

  4. Love the hint of the grass in the foreground. Beautiful picture. I need to do some island exploring.