Friday, February 13, 2009

February 13th - Earth and Moon

Just messin' around in the living room tonight and came up with this. It didn't turn out quite how I wanted it, but I added "stars" with photoshop and thought it looked kind of fun. So this is my shot for today. 1/500th sec. f/4.2 iso 400.

And Part 3 of the great Twinkie experiment can be viewed here.


  1. Great idea - really effective.

  2. Wait, is that a golf ball?

    I'm looking at this on February 14 and wondering, why world golf today of all days... but that was your Friday the 13th shot, not your Valentines Day shot, so all is well with the "world"

    Thanks for saying how you got the stars, I was going to ask.

  3. I did a quick doule-take on this one. I like it.

    Did you shoot the two spheres independently, or togather?

    Wha were you going for that didn't work for you?

  4. Thanks everyone! Eric, what I didn't like was the harsh glare of the strobe on the globe - Probably should have used the softbox, huh? Also, at first I had the golf ball out of the DOF, hoping to hide the dimples, but it looked weird, so I went with this. Also, I wanted more of a crescent on the golf ball instead of half-moon, but I was running out of time. They were both shot in the same frame. I photoshopped out the holders. Background was already black, so I just put in some stars with the paintbrush tool.