Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 12th - The Spectator

World, meet Cody; Cody, meet the world. There, now you all know each other. This is Cody watching a movie on his computer screen, one of his favorite pastimes. My money is on him becoming a film critic some day. 1/500th sec. f/8 iso 800. Softbox camera right with strobe on 1/32


  1. We just love pictures of the kids. Welcome to the world Cody. Carter - aka "Dennis" was thrilled last weekend to be part of the internet world.

  2. Is that the screen reflection in his glasses?

    Nice and dark in the background - maybe a little blue gel on the strobe to show him getting his computer tan.

  3. LOL actually I changed the color temp a bit to warm it up so he would look more natural.