Saturday, February 7, 2009

February 7th - Film Noir

Film Noir
Another stakeout - this time at the Fleabag motel just off of 47th and Lafayette. 2:15 AM and nothing's moving but the cockroaches. That dame Betty told me Louie always brings his big players here, but I'm beginning to think she's playing me like dime store fiddle. I saw Rudy taking her out of Frankie's Diner and over to the Club last night and from the look of things, she was enjoying his company about like I enjoy a 2 day hangover. He probably told her she'd go swimming with cement overshoes if anyone caught on to their game. But that poor kid's not my problem anymore - I'm angling for a bigger fish and Louie is next on the food chain.

>>>Film Noir is our assigned theme for today's photo so here's my submission. 1/250th sec. f/8 iso 400


  1. I love the writing - perfect for the theme.

    The back-light is fun too - is the front light reflection off the wall?

  2. Thanks! No the front light is a strobe on 1/4 power and snooted about 12 ft away back behind the camera and camera-left. There is also a white panel just out of the frame beside me, camera-right to reflect some light from both strobes. The back light is a strobe on a boom overhead behind me about 6ft up off the floor. (I'm sitting on a chair). Camera is about 8ft away.

  3. Oh and the fill strobe had a piece of paper over the front to allow only about 1/3 light through. I'm really thinking I'd like that strobe you emailed me about with the 1/3 stop increments!!!

  4. I love your writeup as much as the shot. Very nicely done dude!!!!

  5. I love the lighting. This photo has a great atmosphere - along with the writing - could be a film poster.