Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 11th - Big Glass Weekend

Gull Wing

My dad, my brother and I took the boat out hunting wildlife with cameras for the weekend. Eric rented some big lenses for each of us and we got a taste of what you can pull in with a huge lens. I now have a healthy respect for the big glass - I was quite humbled by how careful you need to be to make sure you get a sharp image. Most of what I shot didn't turn out very well because of motion blur caused by high magnification, but I did get a few salvageable shots. This is one of them - it's a shot of an extremely rare winged creature found along shorelines. It's called a seagull.
2500th sec. F/5.3 iso 800


  1. Very nice! I can't imagine lugging around those lenses, but love what they can capture!

  2. That is a fantastic capture! That must have been a fun day.

  3. I love the texture in the feathers - looks like you have exposure figured out. Nice shot.