Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7th - A Model Citizen


It's not always easy to find people who are willing to put up with my fussing and tweaking and adjusting and trial-and-erroring as I learn how to work the lights. But through a mutual friend, Mallory here heard that I was looking for people to practice portraits with. She just so happened to be interested in what it's like to be a model. So we had a photo shoot this afternoon. This was her first time modeling, and my first time shooting, well - a model! We had fun and got lots of great shots so it was difficult to choose just one. But this really stood out so it's my blog photo for today.
1/250th sec. F/11 iso 400


  1. Very nice - pretty girl, soft lighting - looks good to me. What was your set up - two lights?

  2. I agree with Alan said. Lovely shot.

  3. Thanks! Yes, 2 lights. One with a shoot-thru umbrella right up close, camera-right, and one, a bare strobe about 8 feet away camera-left.