Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13th - Purple & Gold

Purple and GoldIt's getting late and I want to shoot something. (good thing everyone's reading that in the context of a photo a day, huh?) Anyway, no real ideas today, been pretty busy. But I wanted to try something a little bit creative, so here's this experiment. This is the window shade in my office that was behind the glasses in the shot R/G/B that I did last month. Strobe with purple gel at top pointing down; strobe with gold gel at bottom pointing up. Purple & Gold - my high school colors.

But now my eyes hurt after looking through eighteen versions of this to pick the right one...

1/250th sec. F/16 iso 800


  1. I'll bet your eyes are stressed! This is very hypnotic - but neat!

  2. For something so simple, the shot turned out quite beautifully. I had a few, "it's the end of the day I need something to shot" days lately.

    In fact the egg shot you asked about was one of them. I didn't use any gels or dye to get that color. Just good old fashioned photo editing (tint).