Monday, March 9, 2009

March 9th - R/G/B

R/G/B/These are really the only colors you see on most any computer monitor and in most of the color photos you see on the web. R/G/B = Red/Green/Blue and they're seen here in a refraction experiment that I saw in flickr last week, but I wanted to do it with a little color. Look at the different ways the 3 glasses interpret the window blind.
Lit with the New Lamp lighting the ceiling on full power.
0.6 sec. f/8 iso 200


  1. Hey, I like this one. OK, I like a lot of your pics, but this one plays a lot of tricks on the eyes.

    Very cool.

  2. Sweet. I love the different lines and shapes and absolutely love the color punches. It is truly fascinating! Well done.

  3. Such a strong picture. Laura's right, the lines are fascinating. Great picture.

  4. Thanks guys! Yeah - ain't food coloring great! LOL

  5. Like we use to say in the olden days. "TIGHT"
    Love this shot and yes the different curves in each glass gives you a different perspective on the shades.

  6. Fantastic image and a really cool idea.. (added to the list of things I will copy!!)