Monday, March 16, 2009

March 16th - This Ain't the NFL

CFLOK so the thing I still don't understand is, what does the Canadian Football League have to do with saving energy? Get it? CFL? Canadian Foot.... nevermind, yeah that was a bad one, sorry. No but seriously, we got our shipment today from our electric utility. A package with CFL's, low flow shower heads, and the like. Pretty cool!
1/250th sec. F/14 iso 400


  1. Tim, Tim. Gel is for the *hair*.

    Kidding, really. I like the two colors on there, it's cool...

  2. Very nicely lit - this does remind me of the David Hobby picture.

  3. Gels for the hair, Eric you had me rolling. This shot was very American, Red, White and Blue.

  4. Thanks - Yeah I was thinking about D. Hobby's pic too. I think I'll try doing his version sometime this year.