Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 14th - Kitchen Stories

Kitchen StoriesI'm working on shooting better interiors. Here's one of our kitchen thru a wide angle lens earlier today. I wanted to be able to see the backyard through the window without it or the kitchen being over or under exposed, but rather with both nicely balanced. I think this works. Now I just need some correction for the lens distortion and hide the strobe locations better. But I'm working on it...
1/80th sec. f/11 iso 800


  1. Not a bad effort - what are you thinking you need to do to improve it?

  2. Mostly distortion - the red cup on the counter there is not round. Maybe that just goes with the territory when shooting wide angle? And the fluorescent light fixture is skewed a bit too. Also the shadows on the ceiling from the strobe behind the fridge.