Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1st - Different Perspective

Different Perspective
Our assignment today was "Different Perspective". Man that's hard to do when you're pressed for time! I ended up shooting different angles in an empty section on the ferry coming back home tonight and this one won. The color was kinda boring, so I played around with it in Photoshop.
1/50 sec. f/3.5 iso 800


  1. Does that ever draw the eye down and over. Not just the chairs and the asile, but the lights, everything brings a surreal flow to a chrome and vinyl world.


  2. I love this perspective! It is a very pleasing and intruiging shot to look at. The color looks great too. Well done. :)

  3. Fantastic! Definitely a favorite! I love the way my eye is drawn the row of chair legs - and the silver glow from the lighting is appealing! Super shot!

  4. I wish I had been there to see you lying on the floor!