Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 5th - Boiled Eggs

Boiled Eggs
Alright I know, I know... this is one of the more silly ones I've uploaded yet. But when I looked at my breakfast this morning, I saw something else. Do you see it? What is it?
1/50th sec. f/5.6 iso 800


  1. smiley face?
    That is making me so so so hungry

  2. Sandman?

    Naw, I agree with Lance - it's a smiley.

    Eggs don't make me hungry though, not after "Cool Hand Luke".

  3. Why? What happened in Cool Hand Luke?

  4. That's a nice smiley Tim - maybe you could do a whole series of all the other expressions .. ;-)

  5. Well I'm disppointed. Where's the image of Jesus you normally get with these things?! Happy smiley face made me chuckle though. Much more spiritually rewarding.

  6. Ha ha, reminds me of breakfast at a pancake place. They put smiley faces on the kids' pancakes :P