Friday, March 20, 2009

March 20th - The Sound of Truth

The Sound of TruthCourtney playing "The Sound of Truth". This time she's lit with a shoot-thru umbrella (camera-right) and my modified softbox to the left. Played with "boost color" in iPhoto and it gave a nice warmth to the light, so we tried to do the same thing with gels on the strobes. We came kind of close but the iPhoto one looked better so that's what you see here. PS - Sorry for doing another guitar photo, but get used to it. Or get over it! LOL
1/400th sec. F/13 iso 400

>>>Edit: Oops. forgot - It's Twinkie day isn't it? OK, here's Twink after six weeks!


  1. Nice. I'm a proud aunt. But, where is Twinkie? I used to live for Fridays for the weekend, but now.... it's Twinkie!

  2. Tim - like it, keep the guitar pictures coming!

    What are the little red dots in the background?

  3. Thanks, OK, I will! Those are underexposed Christmas Lights. I was down low shooting upwards so the ceiling is in the background of the photo.

  4. I like the lighting - so much more intimate than the concert scene. It's like we're getting our own personal performance.

  5. Very personal and focused...can definitely see the concentration on her face!