Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 25th - Cell Phone

Cell PhoneIf you've been following my photo blog here, you can probably tell by now that I like reflections. Well tonight is no exception. I didn't really know what to shoot but I really liked the results people came up with on the Strobist assignment Cooking Light, especially the colorful ones. So I thought I'd try something with gels again, and here it is. I just wish I could have got the backlit numbers to show up better, but the strobes totally overpower them. So I have some learning to do yet.
1/125th sec. F/14 iso 200


  1. Great shot. I love reflections and the use of colour.

  2. Wonderful - I'm always rewarded with your captures!

  3. I would love to see this set up of this shot!!!!

    I like

  4. I agree - nice use of color here.

    Try dropping the shutter speed down - maybe 4-5 stops and see if the glow of the numbers comes out. Remember the flash lit part of the photo is determined only by aperture, flash power and flash distance, shutter speed doesn't play into it.