Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 15th - Rock n Roll

Rock StarSome men at my age go off and buy a little red sports car. Me - I go out in the back yard after dark with my strobes doing crazy guitar stunts. I've always loved Rock 'n Roll so it's fun to shoot photos like this. Our theme assignment this week is "Motion" and this is my entry. Think Roger Daltrey on "Won't Get Fooled Again" with that epic rock n roll scream. (It's at 7:50 on that video if you're too young or too old to know what I'm talking about.)
5 secs. F/8 iso 400


  1. Hah! Fun with flashes! Keep on rockin!

    What's the thing in your hand far left?

  2. That's the radio slave transmitter. I can mount it on the hot shoe for the camera to trigger the strobes, or in this case, just set the camera to 5 seconds, and pop away on the little button to fire 'em...

  3. Very nice effect - I can feel the movement.

  4. Sweet! I especially love the guitar movement in the front...