Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19th - Soul Mates

Soul MatesThis is Shannon, my sweetheart and soul mate, and me. I think I need another shoot-thru umbrella. She looks great in the light from the umbrella. The light falling on me is coming from the small softbox I modified for strobes. Might as well be a bare strobe if it's going to look like this.
Strobe through shoot-thru umbrella, camera-left; strobe through my softbox, camera-right - both at 1/4th power.
1/400th sec. F/8 iso 400


  1. Wow! One exposure? They look so different, like they were shot seperately and merged in photoshop.

    Like it tho...

  2. Beautiful! I love it.

  3. Cool photo - interesting how 'Strobist' 365 is becoming!!