Saturday, April 4, 2009

April 4th - The Wash Basin


I had the good fortune today to be able to shoot the interior of a very beautiful custom built home here on the island. I'm doing this to work on my technique and try to improve my lighting skills. One of my favorite shots from today was a surprise to me; and it's a room I almost didn't shoot. I was thinking: "Yeah right... the WASHROOM?" LOL "Come on! what up with that?", but I really liked the way the sun was coming in and lighting half of the wash basin, so I quickly grabbed my strobes, and here's what I came up with. To give you an idea of how the strobes helped the shot, look at this one where, by accident, the strobes didn't fire.
1/250th sec. F/7.1 iso 800


  1. WOW, very well lit?
    Is the strobe w/umbrella?

  2. didn't mean the quesiton mark, it was well lit. :)

  3. Hi Lance. No, it was too cramped in there for an umbrella. I had one strobe pointing straight up and bouncing off the ceiling, and the other pointed down at the wood paneling. (oh and one hand-held bouncing off the ceiling, camera-right also).