Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 22nd - Earth Day!

Earth Day

Finally, it's Part 2 in my "What's Wrong With This Picture" series... only been about 6 weeks since Part I. Anyway, in honor of Earth Day, I thought it was about time to get on this. These are the contents of a grocery bag after a trip to the store. So study the photo (maybe click on it to see the large version) and try to see how many things just don't add up especially considering it's Earth Day! I found 10. (but then I put them all in there intentionally too, so I kind of have the upper hand). Anyway, see how many you can find, leave me a comment, and then if you want to see my 10, click here.
1/125th sec. f/5.6 iso 400


  1. I'm afraid I could only find a few and I'm not entirely sure I'm right but here goes.

    Plastic food bags - not good for wrapping samdwiches in.

    Bottled water - what's wrong with the tap?

    Rubbish in the bin that could be recycled.

    Tetrapacks - can't recycle those.

    I've got a funny feeling about those plastic tubs but I can't quite work it out. I didn't do very well really did i.

  2. Looks like I need more education in this area.

    1. Bottled water is the obvious one to me.
    2. Recyclables/reusables in the trash.
    3. Bring your own bag to the store?
    4. Do we really need a bag for the produce?

    I don't know WHAT to do with the dairy stuff - 1/2-1/2, cheese, milk, and what about the mayo?

    Oh, did you use organic light, and lead-free glass in your camera?

  3. I like the theme & title –
    - Recyclables in the trash
    - Bottled water
    - The plastic produce bag
    Not sure of the mayo, I’m thinking heart attack spread but it goes against your theme.

  4. Good eyes everyone! I should have mentioned in my post that I really didn't expect anyone to find all 10 and that it doesn't mean they've failed or anything. (and yeah that last one I guess I was cheating - there's no way of knowing I drove to the store. I guess I could have put my car keys on the table). But I put 10 there just to make sure people could find a lot of them and you guys did great! Thanks for playing!

  5. ok...
    1. you bought a bunch of plastic reusable containers
    2. you could have saved the container in the trash and used that instead of buying new plastic tupperware
    3. same thing as before but with buying sandwhich bags when you could reuse the bread bag in the trash
    4. you should reuse a waterbottle instead of buying new plastic ones all the time
    5. you could use any type of bag or backpack instead of a grocerie bag
    6. also those things in the trash (even though you can reuse them) you should at least recycle instead of throwing them away. (unless thats a recyle bin?)

    .. hmm thats all i could find..

  6. Ah that's my daughter everyone! Very good work! Thanks for playing!