Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15th - Couple of Pints

Couple of PintsIsn't it nice to watch the ferry when you don't have to hurry and catch it? Shannon pointed that out when she and I went out for a quart tonight - (well OK, a couple of pints). We had a nice hour or so with just the two of us. The new place down by the ferry dock is pretty nice. And they have one of the best views in town!
Shot with available light
1/40th sec. F/5 iso 800


  1. It's only a quart if you drink both of 'em. Do that with 8 and call it a gallon.

    Nice view...

  2. Looks lovely. It's nice that you've both had a relax - the lst few weeks have sounded manic.

  3. Nice picture - I like empty chairs!! There used to be a TV ad about 'The Pint that thinks it's a quart' but I can't remenber what it was for..

  4. Thanks! Yeah, it's been a crazy couple of weeks, that's for sure!