Friday, April 17, 2009

April 17th - Southern Exposure

Southern ExposureI got all the way down to Jackson's Beach to take some night shots when I realized I'd forgotten my fully charged battery. The one in the camera had been very busy earlier today, so I cut this exposure short at 10 minutes. I wanted to go about 30 minutes, and I will one of these nights. Anyway, this is Griffin Bay at about 11:00 PM tonight. The original image out of the camera looked like this, but I used Photoshop to make it more realistic. (I don't know where all that yellow came from in the original).
10 minutes f/5.6 iso 800

>>> EDIT: Ooops. This was ISO 800 not 200 so I just corrected that typo.


  1. Very neat shot - fascinating to see the difference between the original and this.

  2. Wow - I really must try this. The blue sky looks very effective.

  3. Thanks! Yeah I'm thinking it would be cool to let it go for an hour or longer but that requires a fully charged battery. And probably a smaller aperture as this one got pretty bright after only 10 minutes...

  4. I love long exposure shots and this is a good one - can't wait to see what you get going longer.

    Film in an old mechanical SLR is a really good tool for l o n g exposures - there are no power requirements. Open up a 35 ~ 50mm lens at f11 and point it at the sky for 4 hours or more - the results are really fun.

  5. The difference is incredible. I can't wait to see longer exposed shots.