Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 25th - LPJ's


Doing this daily photo blog, I find that I'm constantly looking for things to photograph, and now with Springtime in full bloom, I see flowers everywhere, so I've been kinda shooting a lot of them. Today is no exception. Previously I've done daffodils, I've done Tulips (although haven't posted any yet as I'm not happy with how they came out). I've even done a dandelion. Today, it's LPJ's. Little Purple Jobs. Shot these with my macro lens. They're only about 3/8" accross (that's roughly 9mm for all you overseas people).
1/2000th sec. f/5 iso 200


  1. Very pretty LPJ's - and thanks for the metric conversion!!

  2. It is hard not to shoot flowers when they are ubiquitous and bits of beauty! Nice shot!

  3. Nice colors!

    How close were you? Decimeter?

  4. LOVE the colors. Spring is so beautiful. I also really enjoy the placement of the focused foreground...lovely composition. :)

  5. Beautiful! Love the depth and the colors! I am kind of on a spring kick myself. Nature gives us such great subjects!

    As for WoW re: your comment. My horde and main toons are on Skywall and my few neglected alliance toons are on Echo Isles. I have 3 level 80s, a 75 and a 74 along with a bunch of alts. I haven't been playing as much lately as I get bored and run out of things to do and don't feel like leveling anymore or raiding all the time. LOL

  6. My husband will tell you that our photos from vacation always look like we went on a garden tour. I find flowers whenever and wherever. Love the LPJs... :) Sorry you are not happy with your tulips.

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Yes, Eric you're right on, about a decimeter.

    Wow Cel - 3 80's and 2 in the 70's! Awesome! I have 1 lvl 80, a 62, a 58, and several really low ones. I've been cutting back too - trying to reclaim my life! It's very time-consuming and too addictive.