Friday, April 3, 2009

April 3rd - One by Three

1 x 3

This week's theme is 1 x 3 and I just barely got this up in time today! Phew!
1/250th sec. F/8 iso 800

And if anyone's interested, the Twinkie just keeps on goin...


  1. Very neat shot. I am always so impressed with what you do with images.

  2. What a great shot. I can't stop looking at it.

  3. An idea I may have to borrow at some point ;)

    I'm not convinced that's the original Twink. Are you sure that's not a substitute?

  4. Thank you everyone! I shot these apples with my home made Grid Spot pointing straight down on the apples. (I was impressed that they stacked so well).

    Hotter - yes, that's the original twinkie! Hard to believe, but it really doesn't look much different from when it came out of the package 8 weeks ago! (well hard to believe people eat these things anyway...)