Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 14th - Cuisine de Carton

I went out to the bank, the store, etc., this afternoon and thought I might get a photo, but it was pretty overcast and getting dark, so I bagged that idea. I had been down the "Prepared Foods" aisle and over to the frozen section and was looking forward to finishing dinner so I could come up with something to shoot when I thought of the photo on the box of potatoes. I decided I'd try to make our dinner look more uptown than it really was. While the food was in the oven, I set up the shot: CFL Softbox about 18" over the table pointing straight down on the plate, strobe pointing at the wall behind (to give a better highlight on the silverware) on 1/32 power. When the timer went off, I served it up and shot about 8 variations. You're looking at the winner - 1/40 sec. f/4.5 iso 200.


  1. Definitely further uptown than the box, definitely. Looks like a great vintage in the bottle too.

    I like the light a lot - had you shot a few before adding in the speedlight on the wall?

    Say, is that the side of the placemat the british drive their forks on?

  2. LOL I was wondering if this was really uptown or not. Maybe the silverware needs to be separated somehow? Knife on the left, fork and spoon on the right? I don't remember... Yes, I shot a few and saw that the knife especially was pretty dull looking so I needed some more light on the wall to brighten it up. Didn't take much either! Only 1/32 power on the strobe.

  3. very very very sweet!!!! Nicely done!!!!

  4. It was funny too because right after I shot it and posted it, one of the teenagers said, "so, you couldn't come up with a good photo idea today, huh?". LOL