Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 22nd - Untitled still life with dry grass, bike and reflections of the lot behind our house shot in late afternoon sunshine

So I was walking round the backyard today, pointing and shooting, pointing and shooting, looking for something to shoot other than darkness and with my macro lens was finding lots of tiny leaves and water droplets and other fun stuff, but when I was lining up this shot I noticed the bike inside the window and the reflection of the trees and sky and I thought it looked pretty cool so this is today's shot. It didn't really have a theme so it was difficult to come up with a catchy title. 1/80th sec. f/4.5 iso 800


  1. That's a cool pic, musta been pretty calm out - the grass looks very still for 1/80th.

    It looks like the bike is riding by - until I read the explanation I couldn't quite work out the blur of the bike - nice.

  2. I look for a math problem many shapes can you find in this shot...I would love to share with a math class.
    can I use this shot in a class I teach?

  3. Go for it Lance! Hope they find lots!