Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 6th - Rainy Window

I drove a little longer and a little farther tonight looking for a good location to show how wet it is. I wanted something like a long curving stretch of I-5 with all of the heavy traffic crawling up Southcenter hill or something like that. Not having any rain gear for my camera though, I would have to shoot from inside the 4Rrunner, but everywhere I went where I could park, I couldn't get a good angle on anything. Contemplating this while sitting in a parking lot near the mall, I noticed the passenger window getting the full brunt of the wind and rain... So here's my 6th photo. 10 seconds at f/25 iso 400


  1. Tim,
    Wet it was, nasty driving and you captured the day beautifully, that is for sure, one of the wettest days that I can remember.

    You and I are thinking a lot a like, Motion yesterday, water today. We posted about the same time tonight.

  2. Wow, it IS wet out. As I was driving home tonight I got to thinking: "how would I take a photo of hydroplaning?" More importantly, will I get home without too much more of it?

    I like the result you ended up with - nice.