Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 17th - Fairhaven Fog

Today we had a wonderful walk from downtown Bellingham to Fairhaven and back. Boy they have a great walking/biking trail! Caught the last ferry home and now just barely have time to look through and pick a photo out of the 106 I shot today. But this one looks good and it's almost midnight so I need to get on it. The fog crept over the point just as we began to head back and it was backlit by the late afternoon sun. 1/2500th sec. f/13 iso 800.


  1. Great having the tracks in there to loop you back into the rest of the photo and I love how ghostly the trees in the back are.

    So, uh, why have the iso up so high? Was it just set that way for the darkness we were in on the trail?

  2. Yeah I almost put that in my description - I had forgotten to bump the iso back down again.

  3. RR Tracks really puts your image in motion!!! Into or out of the erie fog. Nicely done!!!