Monday, January 5, 2009

January 5th - Space Age Taco Time

I'm working in the city today and tomorrow. It was already dark when I got off work so I drove around Auburn for 45 minutes trying to find a good location. I finally settled on the Taco Time restaurant next to my hotel. And I got lucky because as I was shooting it, someone drove into the parking lot so I got their headlights streaming across the image. 8 seconds at f/11 iso 200.


  1. Tim,
    I love the shot and the movement theme today ;) you will know what I mean if you check out my blogshot today. Still waiting on bro to post his!!!!

    I like how you were able to capture the neon and still get the ambient light of the building. Long exposure and tripod w/camera on timer helps this shot be a success :)

  2. (I bet you would get a pretty cool star effect if...)

    And those appear to be headlights in the windows of the building. I bet if you took that shot again and stopped down to f16 or f22 you would get a cool star effect with the headllights in the building window and the streetlight on the left just above the tree.

    My guess is you would have to open the shutter up to about 15 seconds and then you might lose the car going by???

    I tried this a few years ago and Eric was my model on the streets of seattle.

  3. Cool! I'll try that, thanks for the tip!

  4. Night shots are so much fun - and I think I see the star effect Lance mentioned in the reflections.

    How many shots did you try before choosing this one?