Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21st - My Life Behind Bars

We were out running errands again and stopped by the Doctor's Office for a fix when I noticed the light reflecting on the railings and thought I'd shoot a few variations. Funny thing is, usually (I think?) when I do this, I hone it down to a final, best image after several angles and adjustments - Tonight, the first one was the winner. 1/2 sec. f/11 iso 800

***Edit*** It occurs to me that if anyone out there reading this is not familiar with our island, my words "stopped by the Doctor's Office for a fix" might be a bit misleading. So to clear that up, the Doctor's Office is a local espresso shop, and we stopped by for some Lattes.


  1. This is cool - I love the ambient level so that the lights around the building show up. Sometime just before twilight, when the colors are still visible?

  2. Yeah this was just after sunset at about 5:15 pm.