Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January 7th - The Lonely Business Traveller

All day today I've been thinking of doing this photo and hoping the ferry would be empty - As it turned out, I missed the 5:05 ferry and instead got the 5:45 with priority vehicle loading for Shaw and Orcas (I was #2 on overload for Friday Harbor). Luckily, there was no overload, and there were only a few vehicles loaded for Friday Harbor. I got my wish for an empty ferry! Woot! So after we unloaded at Orcas, I took several self portraits from various angles. Here's the winner. 1/40 sec f/3.5 iso 800.


  1. Tim,
    too weird dude!!!!! we both did a persective of sorts....that is 3 days in a row that we have been on the same page. perspective, water, motion.
    You look awefully lonely on that ferry hahahaha. the colors turned out nice!!!

  2. I'm starting to wonder if you and Lance are secretly communicating. Same fortune cookies maybe?

    I especially like that you had this idea in mind well before you got the chance to execute it. Is it really close to your imagination? Had I heard the suggestion before seeing the photo I would say you nailed it.