Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 31st - Metalhead


It's assignment day again. Today's theme is "Backlighting" so I went out to shoot Shannon and Courtney on mountain bikes with the sun behind them and strobe to fill in, but we were kinda late and the sun was too low (not to mention the temperature) and we didn't get real good results. So tonight after dinner I got playing around with the strobe indoors and came up with this one of TJ, which is cool because I wasn't 100% happy with my photo for the "Music" theme 2 weeks ago. This is much more the kind of look I was hoping for then and it fits today's theme. 1/250th sec. f/4.5 iso 400. Strobe with red gel behind TJ, and another behind me bouncing off the wall.

>>> EDIT: Feb. 8th - I reposted this with Flickr account as the source for better color. I don't know why, but the Picasa thing has been doing things to make my images look different. (Had to go back to the original so the crop is a bit different, but I think this looks better - also PS'd out the distracting lights in the background)


  1. Looks like he's playing on stage - all you need now is a little haze in the air from the fog machine. It's cool.

  2. Hmmm.. would look better with a more metal guitar :P
    But otherwise, awesome shot, I like the light in the background.
    Oh and I like his shirt, All That Remains... rock on!! \m/

  3. Two themes for the price of one! Fantastic. Great photo too.