Saturday, January 24, 2009

January 24th - Chester

Today's assignment is "Black and White Portrait". For those of you new to this blog, we don't always have an assignment but we decided it would be fun once a week or so, to all shoot the same theme. Anyway so I think Chester here was getting jealous of Bolo, my friend's dog, so I figured since it was portrait day, I'd try to make up for that. Hmmmm... he still looks pretty sad though with those puppy-dog-brown-eyes. Maybe I was too late!  1/6th sec. f/4.5 iso 200. Home made strobe softbox, camera-right about 24" away. Vivitar strobe camera-left about 4' away, shot through white fabric.


  1. Nice shot - and way to keep the talent interested - Kibbles?

    Nicely balanced lighting too, I like the way the hair detail is visible onn the top of his nose.

  2. Lighting is nicely done. Captured what appears to be a very sad moment.